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Mon 1/27/2014 2:57 PM
As you are aware, there is a winter storm approaching that is expected to drop freezing rain and snow with temps in the low 20s both days.  As I understand it, most of the school districts have called school off for tomorrow and are waiting until tomorrow to decide about Wednesday.  The Jackson County Emergency Management is warning of potential travel issues, particularly over bridges.  Some bridges may be closed as was the case this past weekend.  

Here are our preparations and the information you need to know.  These steps are designed to ensure we have safe and adequate staffing for our patients for the operation of the hospitals, as well as minimizing as much unnecessary travel as possible:

We are NOT going on lockdown; however, if you are assigned to work over the next 48 hours, it is your responsibility to ensure you can safely get to work per your normal work schedule.  If you live in an area that requires bridge travel especially, you may need to consider staying with a relative or friend in closer proximity to the hospitals to avoid the bridges.  

If you would like to bed down at the facilities either before or after your shift, we will have shelters set up for sleeping at each hospital.  We will use the Medical Staff Conference Room at SRH, and the Education Center at OSH.  Each of these shelters will be available starting at 7PM tonight (Monday night) and will be available around the clock until further notice.  Also, you may want to consider bringing your sleeping materials to the hospitals as a precaution just in case you cannot get home after your shift.

The hospital cafeterias will be operational per their normal hours of operation.  

We have cancelled the following organizational events for the week:  World Class Discovery Day, Employee of the Month Celebration at SRH, Session 30 Service Line Tour, Session 31 Orientation, and the Hospital Operating Team meetings.  If you have a question about a meeting or event you had on your schedule, please check with your direct report or whoever is in charge of the event in question.  Note that the Trauma Inspection from the state that was scheduled for this week has also been postponed.  

Thank you for your time and attention to this and your steadfast commitment to our communities, and please use your good judgment in the coming days.  If you have any questions about any of this, please get with your direct report.  And good luck staying warm!!  Maybe the tradeoff here is the freezing temps will ward off the hurricanes this year.   

 -- Kevin.